A dump truck for hire with a driver. Whether it’s used by a construction company or people renovating their homes, every construction site needs licensed and insured dump trucks to move materials and get rid of debris. However, not all companies or individuals can afford to own their own dump truck, which is why hiring or renting a truck for the duration of the project is an excellent cost-effective alternative that helps get the job done. Still, both renting and hiring are two different things, so here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for dump trucks for hire.


Despite the similarity in wording, renting and hiring are two different things. Both are a cheaper alternative to buying a truck, which besides the costs of the vehicle would require paying expensive property taxes each year. Companies or individuals that rent dump trucks only have to find a qualified driver with a CDL license and don’t have to pay any insurance for the vehicle. However, the disadvantage of renting dump trucks is that unless you have a large company or an experienced driver you can trust, renting can be expensive in the long term. Renting trucks usually requires a lot of forms, time and your own driver. Not to mention the cost associated with any accidents that may occur and the risk of insurance rates skyrocketing. On the other hand, hiring is almost always the fastest and most convenient choice if you need to use a dump truck for short term or long term construction projects. Dump trucks for hire come with their own trained drivers who are certified and fully insured to operate the vehicle. Typically, companies or individuals hiring a dump truck will make a down payment and then continue paying until the project is finished without having to worry about the driver or maintenance. If for whatever reason the driver couldn’t keep working, the company will provide an equally capable substitute that can safely operate the dump truck. A fleet of dump trucks for hire.


If you need to haul something quickly without going through the hassle of making a ton of phone calls and putting lots of thought into a simple dump truck for hauling or loading, there is no better way than to make one call and have a truck with a driver come to you on your schedule. At Garman Trucking we have years of experience providing reliable dump trucks in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. During this time we’ve dealt with a wide variety of customers and have learned to meet their specific needs which gives us a good idea of how to help you finish your construction project on time. If you need to haul construction materials or get rid of debris but don’t have the money to rent a vehicle, hiring a dump truck is a simple solution that you can use on a need-to basis. This will save you cash, as you won’t have to sub-contract the work to another company, and ensure that your project remains on schedule. And the best part is that you won’t even have to worry about hiring a driver, since providing a fully certified driver is part of the hiring deal. It’s also a good idea to look for dump trucks for hire if you are concerned about maintenance costs. Trucks, like any heavy equipment, need maintenance from time to time which can be expensive and distract you from running your construction site. By hiring a dump truck you can delegate that responsibility to the trucking company, saving you time and money that you need to finish the construction job on time. To get in touch with the professionals at Garman Trucking, simply click here to view all of our contact information.