Dump Trucks for Hire, Driven By Us

“Since we’re a leader in the dump truck rental industry, we must lead by providing the best service and selection in Arkansas and Oklahoma.”

Tri Axle Dump Trucks For Hire

Whether you need us to haul demolition debris, red dirt, topsoil or gravel, Garman Trucking can quickly provide the perfect truck.

There is no dump truck too small in our fleet, but the tri axle is perfect for our average sized debris jobs. Every one of our dump trucks are fully insured and equipped with GPS tracking.

Quad Axle Dump Trucks For Hire

We provide the newest and cleanest dump trucks for the job. For heavy hauling such as property leveling, clearing construction debris, clearing boulders and much more, consider a quad axle dump truck. Their increased capacity makes even the largest jobs seem small.

End Dump Trucks For Hire

Many people hire us when there is an excess of dirt or debris to be hauled safely and environmentally friendly. Our end dumps can haul more material and offer a quick loading process.

For land clearing services, agricultural material removal and more, a Garman end dump can make life so much easier.

Live Bottom Trailer Dump Trucks For Hire

We have live bottoms in multiple sizes and capacities to give you flexibility in hauling more of that stubborn or sticky material. End dumps can be covered for and added layer of safety.

With Garman Trucking handling your project, you can be assured no stone will be left unturned and there is no task that is too big for us.

Lowboy Dump Trucks For Hire

We provide the best customer service and advice when it comes to selecting a trailer or lowboy for your hauling needs. When you contact us, you will communicate with an expert and not an answering service.

A lowboy trailer can be perfect for transporting equipment, bulldozers and large stationary loads over short or long distances.

Topsoil For Sale

Since 2015, we have been providing our customers with numerous services. One of them is topsoil sales, which can be helpful for our customers that need a little help with filling, leveling and beautifying land.

Call us to get our low priced topsoil options which can also be delivered to your job or worksite.

Wide Range Of Equipment

Examples of trucks we provide include semi-trailer, end dump trucks, quad and tri axle dump trucks, lowboy trailers and live bottom dumps.

Garman Trucking is committed to the utmost professionalism and customer satisfaction, while providing the peace of mind knowing that we get the job done with no liability to you.

Let us handle the dirty work so you can get the important stuff done on schedule!

Experienced And Insured Drivers

All of our dump trucks are driven by qualified drivers. Since these trucks are considered heavy machinery, all our drivers have the required licenses to be able to handle the project as expected.

Our drivers are drug screened and carefully vetted on an ongoing basis to ensure there are no problems with our on road services and ability to complete the task at hand.

We service all of Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma.

Safe Dump Trucks For Hire

Our dump trucks offer the best method to deliver materials to or from your site because Garman trucks are equipped with numerous safety features including multi angle camera systems. We also install state of the art GPS systems to track our drivers’ every move so that we can ensure we arrive on time, and deliver all materials to their stated destination. Here at Garman Trucking, we take safety, professionalism and liability very seriously.